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Hi everyone, my name is Yandry Viviana Cortes Yunda,

I was born in theCampoalegre-Huila. The Janury 16, the 1995 and I have 19 years old.

My direction is avenue 2 # 5-55 in the area San Rafael.

My father is Luis Carlos Cortes Cortes, is Researcher,is 39 years old.

My mother is Marisol Trujillo Yunda, is a housewife and has 37 years old.

My brother is Carlos Mauricio Cortes Yunda her 13 years old

My pet is a dog and is called Luna.

I like to spaguetti.

I have a simple, enterteining personality and a bit badly whim.

I want to study at the University of Tolima.

I want to specialize in the faculty of Technology.

Nacional Support team.

The sport that I like to practise is the basketball.

I am afraid of him very much to the Loneliness.

This one is my beautiful family.

They are the madmen of my friends.

The exit to Ibague's. city

Gone out for the swimming pool the Naranjos.

Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra I admire it for the great capacity that has his imagination..

To the place where I want to travel it is to Mexico.